Meet The Staff

Welcome to the staff section which showcases our staff that will assist you through your cases. These men and women are highly experienced in their respective fields and have years of experience to assist you.

Peggy Burns, BPA, EA
Supervisory Taxpayer Advocate

Mrs. Burns holds the designation of Master Tax Advisor and is enrolled to practice before the IRS, with over 26 years of experience specializing in small business tax law, payroll and financial statements. Peggy is a former business owner with over 13 years of practical business knowledge and has vast knowledge in compliance representation and practices and procedures.

Peggy is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP). Additionally, she is an associate member of the Michigan Association of CPA's (MACPA).

Peggy is a requested instructor and has taught practitioners for over 14 years in many areas of tax law from basic and advanced topics to corporations and partnerships. Peggy is a requested speaker on various hot federal and state legislative tax law topics, including specialized clergy returns and is an instructor with the MSU Tax Schools.

Mrs. Burns holds a Bachelors of Professional Accounting BPA from Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) and is licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Peggy is the firm's Supervisory Taxpayer Advocate and is responsible for oversight of all advocates and associates advocates she also directs with client representation in small businesses and guide our client's from start-ups to dissolutions.

Donald Scott, AA, EA
Taxpayer Advocate

Mr. Scott is a former IRS Field Assistance Tax Specialist & IRS Revenue Agent for the small Business Self Employed Division SB/SE of the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Scott will represent clients in the examination and audit arena and will utilize his former IRS experience to zealously defend clients that are being audited by the examination division.

Don has spent over 23 years working in the federal taxation arena and holds a degree in Business & Accounting. Don is an experienced instructor in tax law and has taught other IRS agents practices and procedures & advanced tax law topics such as partnerships and corporations and sub chapter S Corporations.

In previous private practice, Don held positions such as a comptroller and accounts manager that gave him practical experience dealing with real world problems. Don will be an asset in representing our clients in all aspects of representation from IRS & State Treasury audits to UIA employment tax audits to IRS collection enforcement issues

Vandetta Logan, EA
Taxpayer Advocate

Miss Vandetta Logan is a former IRS Senior Tax Specialist with the Wage and Investment division of the IRS. Ms. Logan has over 28 years of IRS experience working complex tax problems and issues for the government as the lead and senior specialist in the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

During her IRS career she took many acting managerial positions and was responsible for developing IRS field programs for the government that would better assist taxpayers needs on a face to face basis. Ms. Logan was deemed a "SME" or 'subject matter expert' by the IRS in many areas of tax law and tax law procedure.

Ms. Logan attended Saginaw Valley State University for accounting.

Ms. Logan is enrolled to practice before the IRS and will be assisting the firm in areas of complex procedural collection enforcement and tax law.

Jesse Abesamis, BPA, EA

Mr. Abesamis is a former IRS Revenue Agent with the Large and Mid-Size Business Division (LMSB) of the IRS and has over 30 years experience with complex audit functions and examinations. Jessie has expert knowledge and practical experience with Internal Revenue Rulings, Codes, Regulations and practices. Jesse is also a former State Tax Auditor for the State of Iowa.

During Mr. Abesamis career with the IRS he has mentored and instructed new agents in areas of examinations, audit techniques, identification issues including interview skills and legal research.

Mr. Abesamis is originally from Manila Philippines and graduated from Polytechnic University with a Bachelor's Degree in professional accounting BPA. Mr. Abesamis is a former U.S. Army Veteran.

Mr. Abesamis is enrolled to practice before the IRS and is an on call advisor to complex IRS audit issues.

Ronald Badgerow III

Associate Taxpayer Advocate

Mr. Badgerow comes to Scioli & Associates with multiple disciplines in management and customer care. Ronald has held previous management positions and has strong knowledge in the areas of interpersonal skills dealing with customer relations and negotiations.

Ronald will be assisting our taxpayer advocates in the areas of Offer in Compromise preparation, Notice & Penalty Resolution, and Compliance & Appeals Representation.

Kimberly Scioli
Human Resource & Accounts Manager

Ms. Kimberly Scioli is currently attending Delta Community College pursuing her degree in Small Business Management & Entrepreneuship with honors.

Kim reports to the Vice President of Scioli & Associates, P.C. and is the main contact point for all billing, invoicing, and record keeping.

She is responsible for all Human Resource related responsibilities such as coordinating company functions, training, and overseeing a positive office morale. Kim is also responsible for company oversight of the QuickBooks entries and for implementing efficient billing policy and leads the office in making sure invoicing is done correctly and that clients are receiving the best customer service during and after their cases are resolved.

Kim is QuickBooks certified.

Anthony Scioli

Associate Advocate

Mr. Anthony Scioli is a Heritage High School graduate and is currently attending Northwood University in pursuit of his Bachelors in Accounting & Taxation.

Anthony reports to the Accounts Manager and is responsible all data entry within the billing department. He also assists other staff members with clerical duties along with other organizational needs throughout the entire firm.

Alexa Mahan
Payroll Associate

Ms. Alexa Mahan is currently attending Delta Community College in pursuit of an Associates of Science degree.

Alexa comes to us with three years of secretarial and administrative experience from Frank Polasky, PLC.

Alexa reports to the Vice President and is responsible for overseeing all payroll accounts and providing high quality service to each client. She also assists our staff by answering phones, setting meetings, setting up new client engagements, and assisting clients with initial consultation questions.

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